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Yuga Labs' Head Of Brand Partnerships And The Company’s Chief Legal Officer Talked About ApeChain And The Importance Of The 100M $Ape Banana Bill Today. Here's what They Said:

Mutant Monday was insane around the swamp as Yuga Labs’ Head of Brand Partnerships, Won Kim, and the company’s Chief Legal Officer, Cameron Kates, broke ‘Banana Bread’ with the ApeCoin DAO and talked up the 100 million $Ape Banana Bill that will fund the ApeChain ecosystem.

As the ApeCoin DAO looks poised to pass the 100 million $Ape Banana Bill this week with over 19 million coins cast in favor of the proposal so far, Yuga Labs’ two Banana Bill Program representatives Won Kim and Cameron Kates hopped on Spaces with the BAYC Community Council and ApeComms to discuss what ApeChain will mean to Yuga Labs and the broader the $Ape ecosystem.

“We are trying to build something for the long term and when we look back, it should almost feel like it was never not there,” Cameron Kates AKA CiabattaYuga said. “It should feel like this has always been a place for Apes.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, if passed, the Banana Bill would create the Banana Program that would consist of a commercial agreement initiative and a user incentives initiative that would bring builders to ApeChain and provide opportunities and perks for $Ape holders.

It would also establish an advisory committee, which Kim and Kates will be on, along with two new teams that will all work together to find quality partners and vet brands that are interested in coming to ApeChain.

“If we can get eyeballs, we can get new users, and if we have this discovery and distribution, then we’ve actually built something that can scale,” Kim said when explaining the importance of the Banana Program. “And if anything can scale and bring a real and enriched experience then that will hopefully bring partners that are now knocking on our door. We have to be on the offense. We have to build and innovate to draw people in. And I think ApeChain has a real opportunity to do that.”

During the Space, Kim also reiterated that Yuga Labs’ mission has always been to build culture on the blockchain and that with the creation of an ApeChain and a nin figure spending bill behind it, the future will be anything but boring.

“We are the Web3 leader when it comes to building culture on the blockchain,” he said. “We’ve done that through storytelling, amazing experiences both digital and IRL, and Web3 has been shaped through our holders and our community. We want to continue that storytelling and innovation.”


The window to vote on the Banana Bill is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until July 3rd to cast their coins and vote on this AIP.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about the Banana Bill and will continue to follow this proposal. Stay tuned for updates!

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Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong
02 lug

Looking forward to seeing how ApeChain evolves and contributes to the broader $Ape ecosystem! Scratch Geometry Dash

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