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Yuga Labs Released A Remastered Verison Of Its 'Apes Come Home' Teaser Trailer:

After Yuga Labs Co-Founder Gordon Goner publicly jeered the company’s recent low resolution Otherside ‘day in the swamp’  teaser trailer, that some Apes even compared to the graphics of a Nintendo 64 game, Yuga Labs posted a ‘remastered’ video that did not disappoint!


“On January 8th, 2024 we released "Apes Come Home,’” Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account late last night. “To celebrate its 2-Day Anniversary, we're proud to announce: Apes Come Home... Remastered.”


Yuga Labs’ remastered version was much clearer than the first one and the community was able to get a better look at the 3D modeled primates!


See the before and after below:

Following Yuga Labs’ rerelease of the remastered trailer, BAYC members did a little copypasta thanking Goner for making this happen.




Prior to Yuga Labs rereleasing the remastered video, Goner told the community that he only spoke up because 'walking around with blue beams on BAYC Island is literally a dream come true' and that the initial video did not do it justice.



As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, BAYC members will be heading back to Otherside this February for a day in the swamp that will be the first of possibly many trips to the metaverse in 2024.


“We’ve been listening, and we know that creators need a social and experiential platform to connect with audiences with collaborators and with friends,” Yuga Labs’ Otherside General Manager Eric Reid said at ApeFest on November 4th. “Everybody needs a better destination to discover things, to socialize and to flex across all kinds of different experiences. So after new year’s we are going to bring some more experiences to Otherside and we are going to bring them to the wider community, we’re going to enable social and we are going to enable Apes, Punks, Meebs, and the Grailed, and other people who are not part of the Yuga community to come in and build and create and share.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ upcoming ‘day in the swamp’ event and every Otherside activation that Yuga Labs has planned in the metaverse this year. Stay tuned for updates!

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