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Yuga Labs Shared A New Comic Strip Of Curtis And Blue. Here's What We Know:

After Yuga Labs released a ton of new information on its Legends of The Mara standalone game and connected it to the Second Trip, the company shared a new comic strip featuring Curtis and Blue.

“Whatever’s falling from the sky can sure wreck a smoke break,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account on Tuesday.

This comic strip likely takes place immediately after Voyagers watched Curtis and Blue’s message to them at the end of the Second Trip as Vessels rained down on duo.

“Wow look Blue a meteor shower," Curtis said. "That looks beautiful. What? Oh, those are vessels? Here to save the day? Here to save me? Oh so many. Its beautiful."

Shortly after Curtis and Blue’s message on Saturday, Yuga Labs tweeted an image of Vessels raining down on Blue and Curtis.

The comic strip Yuga Labs shared today features the same image of Blue and Curtis that the company shared on Saturday.

Following Yuga Labs’ Legends of the Mara announcement yesterday, we now know that the things falling from the sky are Vessels and that every Voyager will be able to claim one for each Otherdeed they hold next month.

“Introducing Legends of the Mara, a 2D experience with its own companion collection, “Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta Twitter account today. “Claim your Vessel, discover its potential, and forge your path. Otherdeeds with a Koda will be able to decouple in advance of the game launch.”

Each Vessel that Voyagers claim will either be a Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting Vessel.

Following the Vessels claim, these beings will undergo an incubation period and then they may reveal a Mara; a “nascent worker” that can perform only simple tasks on Voyagers Otherdeeds.

“Vessels can grow into apprentices known as Mara, and under the right conditions with the right catalyst, can evolve into more skilled Kodamara,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account. “Both are capable helpers in the fight to defend Otherside, though their powers are greatly constrained when compared to the ancient Koda.”

Yuga Lab’ Legends of the Mara game is set to begin in May 2023. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Legends of the Mara and will keep you posted on the Otherside! Stay tuned for updates!

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