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Yuga Labs Teased Season 1&2 Of Legends Of The Mara And The Game's Mechanics. The Full Story Here:

The stars were shining bright on the Otherside today as Yuga Labs teased the backstory of the Legends of The Mara game’s first two seasons and hinted at its gameplay mechanics.

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs shared a ten-part Twitter thread on its highly anticipated Legends of the Mara game that left many in the community feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information while also excited for what’s next.

In the thread, Yuga Labs laid out some backstory and information about the state of the metaverse during the first and second season of the Legends of the Mara game.

In the game’s first season, Yuga Labs introduced the community to the “Shades” and explained that they’re fighting the “Shattered.”

At this time, we do not know much about the Shades, but we do know that the Shattered are “mysterious titans that awakened shortly after the Vessels descended,” and that the Shades are working to defend the Otherside from them.

“The Shades fight to constrain The Shattered, preventing them from unleashing their full powers and preventing them from fully manifesting in Otherside,” OThersideMeta tweeted. “While some Shades sought refuge in hospitable vessels, others banded together to protect Otherside until the arrival of the Mara. But as Voyagers begin to understand the best ways to subdue The Shattered, the Shades’ ability to constrain them begins to fade.”

While nothing is confirmed at this time, it seems that Season 1 may be taking place while Voyagers wait for their vessels, which every Otherdeed holder can claim, to turn into Maras.

Yuga Labs went on to explain that in Season 2 the Shades have lost their ability to fight back against the Shattered and that Kodas, Kodamaras, Maras, and “The Friends” will need to defend the Otherside from the evil titans now.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Kodas, Kodamaras, Maras, will be joined by Yuga Labs PFP collections, and several NFT collections from outside of the Yuga Labs ecosystem, as they battle the Shattered this summer. These are "The Friends." At this time we do not know which collections outside the Yugaverse will be LoTM compatible.

Yuga Labs’ finished its thread today by reiterating that LoTM is a strategy game and that Voyagers will need to be strategic in how they fight the Shattered and defend the Otherside.

“In both Season 1 and Season 2, Voyagers join the fight by strategically equipping slots and hitpoints (HP) on a game card, Yuga Labs tweeted. “When a card’s HP has been exhausted, Voyagers can wait for them to recover over a cooldown period or use other means to heal sooner, regain HP and get back in the fight. Once fully healed, a card will return to the battlefield to defend the Otherside once again.”

As Voyagers defeat the Shattered, they will be able to collect “Unearthed Artifacts,” which at this point can be summed up as prizes or rewards for a job well done!

“Some of these treasures will be utilized to enhance a Voyager’s gameplay within Legends of the Mara, while others will aid The Friends,” Yuga Labs wrote.

Today’s thread is packed full of information, and the Gazette is working to break everything down for you. Stay tuned for updates.

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