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10KTF And Puma Announced Their Grailed Puma Slipstream Collaboration. Here's What You Need To Know:

10KTF’s Wagmi-San and Puma teaming up to release a limited edition physical and digital shoe.

After a “totally unexpected, utterly unexplained, definitely-didn’t-see-this-coming, extraordinarily sudden sandstorm,” Wagmi-San took refuge in an ancient temple and was inspired to design a shoe with Puma.

“An unexpected journey sparks new inspiration when Wagmi-san and PUMA revive the classic Slipstream in the spirit of 21 PFPs,” 10KTF tweeted this morning. “Bring a supported PFP to and a Mint Pass for a NFT and matching 1:1 sneakers.. Register for the allowlist on http://PREMINT.xyzby April 27, 2023 at 11:00 AM PT.”

In total, Wagmi-San and Puma will be crafting 2,000 Grailed Puma Slipstream custom pairs of shoes based on customers NFTS for 200 $Ape each.

“10KTF and PUMA have come together in a pioneering collaboration centered around PUMA's iconic and revitalized Slipstream sneaker,” 10KTF’s website stated. “The collaboration features a Grailed PUMA Slipstream NFT that qualifies for Missions and a matching pair of 1:1 Grailed PUMA Slipstream Physicals linked to the NFT and tailored to the holder’s supported PFP.”

Apes and NFT holders who are interested in participating in Puma and 10KTFs Grailed Puma Slipstream drop must qualify by holding either a Genesis Crafted, Combat Gear, Gucci Grail, or a PUMA Nitro Collection NFT. Note just because you qualify does not mean that you will get Grailed Puma Slipstream item.

Users who qualify for the drop can sign up for the allowlist here:

Following 10KTF's announcement, Puma took to Twitter and gave the Web3 space its first look at the physical shoes from its 10KTF collab.

“Thank you, Wagmi-san, for this generous offering,” Puma tweeted. “First look at the customized handcrafted Grailed Slipstreams.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow 10KTF’s collaboration with Puma and will keep you posted on this drop. Stay tuned for updates!

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