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10KTF Holders May Be Eligible To Claim $Ape Coin Starting August 6th. Find Out More:

Wagmi-san and the NFT project 10KTF made an announcement yesterday evening that the project is partnered with and powered by $Ape coin.

Wagmi-san took to Twitter Wednesday evening and shared a 50 second video titled “LEVEL 2.”

The video features several new items such as body armour, combat boots, a sword, among other things.

At the end of the video, the words powered by $NTD appear and then are quickly crossed out.

The frame fades to black and then the words powered by $Ape appear on the screen.

NTD or New Tokyo Dollars was the 10KTF currency that announced by Wagmi-san earlier this year.

“Introducing New Tokyo Dollars (NTD), 10KTF’s new in-gam ERC-20 Token,” Wagmi-san tweeted on January 12th. “NTD will enable you to aquire the next phase of materials, tools, grailed items, physical rewards, and adventures yet to be discovered in New Tokyo.”

After today’s announcement, we now know that NTD is actually $Ape coin. Further, we now know that all the NTD that 10KTF users have been accumulating will actually be given to them in $Ape at a rate of 85 NTD to 1 Ape, according to the claim website.

“A total of 714,405 $APE will be available to claim from,” 10KTF wrote on its website. “Any accrued NTD from the OG Snapshot or Tool staking, will be converted to $APE at a rate of 85 NTD per $APE. Additionally, you may claim $APE based on your participation in Mission snapshots. This amount is variable, depending on your total loadout score for each snapshot Mission.”

Users who are eligible for this claim will be able to get their $Ape on August 6th here:

10KTF revealed a lot of new information about its relationship with Yuga Labs and Ape Coin today and the Bored Ape Gazette is working to cover it all. Stay tuned for updates!

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