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10KTF Revealed Three Of Its PFP Classes And Gave The Community More Information On G-Tag Mechanics!

The 10KTF community found out what’s in the box and got its first look at three of the project’s profile photo classes today as several members of the community opened their mysterious packages from NTEL POTAL.

It was a good day in New Tokyo as several prominent members of the 10KTF community opened their mysterious packages and revealed three different works of art!

Shortly after the reveal, it was confirmed that these three images are three of the project’s seven profile photo classes: Swampy, MegaJaw, and NineTails.

Along with the reveal of three different profile photo classes, 10KTF also explained the mechanics behind the project’s PFP NFT, G-Tags, and the ‘Popcorn’ rewards that Battle Town Season two players have been earning all summer.

“PFP class is determined by the type of popcorn of which you have the highest count on a G Tag, relative to all participants with loaded G Tags,” 10KTF tweeted. “Trait rarity is determined by the total count of Popcorn loaded onto a G Tag regardless of type. Popcorn loading is final.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, 10KTF’s G-Tag holders have been earning ‘Popcorn’ rewards from participating in Battle Town Season two. These rewards will be converted to ERC-1155 NFTs at the end of Battle Town Season 2 and players will be able to combine their popcorn rewards with their G-Tags when the time is right, according to figge on July 13th.

While we found out more about the mechanics behind G-Tags and the popcorn rewards, we still do not know about the mechanics behind combing G-Tags to earn rarer PFPs that was first alluded to in 10KTFs 'demystification' videos from earlier this summer.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow 10KTF and its profile photo collection and will let you know when the other four PFP classes are revealed! Stay tuned for updates!

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