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After A Hectic Otherdeed Mint, Apes Are Getting Their First Glimpse Of The Otherside

After a long and hectic minting process last night, Bored Ape Yacht Club members are getting their first glimpse of the Otherside.

“Otherside is a gamified, interoperable metaverse currently under development, according the Otherside website. “The game blends mechanics from massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) and web3-enabled virtual worlds. Think of it as a metaRPG where the players own the world, your NFTs can become playable characters, and thousands can play together in real time.”

55,000 Otherdeeds were minted last night in a brutal gas war where members and non-members alike were spending upwards of two Eth to mint two plots of land, according to comments on Twitter. “Approved 2.6 still pending mint,” BAYC member Tim Bonito tweeted in the middle of last night’s mint.

Along with the 55,000 Otherdeeds that were minted, 10,000 plots “for the Biogenic Swamp at the center of the Otherside” are claimable by BAYC holders, 20,0000 plots “for the Chemical Goo on the outskirts of the swamp” are claimable by MAYC holders and 15,000 plots were reserved to Yuga and other project developers helping to create Otherside, according to the website.

“The Otherdeeds that were reserved by Yuga prior to the sale are the Yuga Commons: Otherdeeds to be used exclusively by SDK developers, partners, and the community for testing, public events, and other builds and initiatives that push the Otherside forward, Yuga Labs tweeted from the OthersideMeta Twitter account. “Stoked to build the Otherside with you Voyagers.”

In total, there will be 200,000 Otherdeeds in the Otherside. “The second 100,000 Otherdeeds will be exclusively rewarded to Voyagers who hold Otherdeeds and contribute to the development of Otherside, according to the club.

Apes and non-apes that are interested in building on the Otherside, can check out the official website and sign up!

“If you like building your own stuff, you can do that too,” according to the website. “An SDK will allow creators to make things for the Otherside as well as sell them in the game’s marketplace — not just characters, but also outfits, tools, structures, and even games. Creation comes with perks. Get first dibs on the SDK.”

Check out the website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you full coverage of the Otherside. Stay tuned for more reports.

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