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AIP-183: MachiBigBrother Told The Gazette Why He Is Against The Cartan Groups Proposal

As the ApeCoin DAO votes on a proposal to extend the Cartan Group’s administrative contract with the DAO, the Bored Ape Gazette spoke with Bored Ape Yacht Club member and $Ape holder MachiBigBrother about his no vote.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO is currently voting on AIP- 183 titled “Cartan’s Proven Track Record & Continued Commitment to Advancing the ApeCoin Ecosystem.” In the proposal, the Cartan Group asks the community to extend the company’s

contract with the DAO for 12 months and increase the DAO’s monthly allocation to the Cartan Group from $150,000 to $250,000 +20,000 $Ape.

At the time of this article’s publication, this AIP is underwater with the ApeCoin community with 68.56% of voters casting their $Ape against the proposal.

The biggest no vote in the $Ape community is MachiBigBrother with 1.2 million $Ape cast against AIP-183.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Machi and held a video call with the notable member to find out more about his vote and where he sees the DAO going in 2023

A key take away from the call was that Machi is concerned with centralization at the ApeCoin DAO.

“Here our DAO is super centralized. Cartan takes a look at it. The way they put it in flowerily terms is ‘we try to help you make it a better proposal,’”Machi said. “When they want something to go through, it goes through. When they don’t want something to go through, it doesn’t go through. That’s pretty much how our DAO works, so it’s not a DAO. It’s a centralized


Machi went on to say that the ApeCoin DAO should take a page out of the Nouns DAO playbook and automate the AIP process so that every proposal will get voted on by the community after a set amount of time on Discourse. “Nouns DAO has shown you the way,” Machi said.

Machi went on to say that he feels that there has been a lot of fearmongering by DAO leadership about what happens if the Cartan Group’s contract is not extended. Machi said that he believes that there are tons of people in the community who are willing to work hard and

run the DAO regardless of what happens next.

"There are people who do stuff for free for our DAO, who are up on it and get zero support” Machi said. “Why? Because Cartan and them aren’t doing shit. They aren’t doing their fucking job. I don’t know what else to say about their poor performance these last nine months. I’m just saying my vote was no to your fucking renewal and I want to start over with something new.”

The Bored Ape Gazette then asked Machi, assuming Cartan is out, what does the DAO do on January 1 st , 2023?

Machi replied, that the DAO will need to secure all of its assets and look into restructuring its proposal process.

“Restructure how we take AIPs and process AIPs. Let’s just restructure that first” Machi said. “BoredApeG and the guys are writing this stuff down. What’s important, the assets. Get the coins. Then I heard there might be some issues. So what’s the risk? SEC, the US government. Then let’s make sure that all these assets are done in a smart contract. I’d look through who is owed what, put it in a smart contract put it in a time box, vest it according to the four-year schedule and send them out automatically. No one can touch it ever again. Now for the remaining treasury ApeCoin, we put it into a multisig. Now all the assets are handled. Now for restructuring, I would definitely take a look at Nouns.”

Machi finished his interview with the Gazette by saying that the DAO and its three new Special Council members will need to “go to work” if Cartan is gone and that he is willing to help.

“Anything that I’m missing that we need to handle on January 1 st , let go to work guys,” Machi said. “Its not just me, a couple guys I’ve talked to also said that they would volunteer their time to put in work. I would put in my own money and my time to make it work.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you more coverage of AIP-183 and will keep you posted on all things $Ape! Stay tuned for updates!

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