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An Animated Bored Ape Show Comes Out Tomorrow, Find Out Where You Can Watch It

The Bored Ape Yacht club has its first animated series coming out thanks to some creative members.

BAYC member Hunter_NFT has teamed up with animator Ed_motions to create the first ever animated Bored Ape show on YouTube.

The show is called Yawn of the Apes and will have an approximate run time of 1-2 minutes.

While Hunter was scarce on the shows details and plots, he told The Bored Ape Gazette that each episode will have its own hidden meaning.

“in terms of plot-line, I’d rather the NFTCommunity attempt to put that together themselves,” Hunter said.

Hunter explained that Yawn of the Apes will be have several episodes in a season. Each new episode will be released about every 4 weeks and Hunter hopes to culminate the season with a large 5-20 minute movie that’ll feature all the apes from the season.

If you’re interested in having your ape featured in the show, be sure to watch the episodes and engage with Hunter and the team on Twitter @YAWN_ofthe_APES.

“For now, engagement, watching the episode, spreading the news is the best way. We’re much more likely to support our fans who engage with us,” Hunter said.

The first episode premieres tomorrow Wednesday June 30th at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Apes will be able to watch the show on the Yawn of the Apes YouTube channel here:

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