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Animoca Brands Has Web3 Racing Towards Mainstream Adoption After A Weekend At MotoGP!

Updated: Oct 22

Grand Prix motorcycle racing and Web3 sped towards mainstream adoption this weekend at the Australian Grand Prix which featured high-octane races and various NFTs from across the Yugaverse, thanks to Animoca Brands!

"As MotoGP fans from all around the globe tuned in to the sport's Australian Grand Prix in Phillip Island and watched a weekend of two-wheeled fun, they were greeted by a pair of Bored Apes, a Moca from the Mocaverse, and the ApeCoin DAO logo as the competitors revved their engines toward the finish line.

“MAN, if this ain't one of the most epic photos you've seen,” Mocaverse Member and Animoca Brands’ Brand Ambassador, Solly, tweeted along with a boring shot from the race. “INSTANT WALLPAPER.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously re[orted, the NFTs that were featured at this weekend’s race next to the ApeCoin logo were Animoca Brands Chairman and Former ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member Yat Siu’s Bored Ape, Bored Ape #9730, the SandBox’s primate, Bored Ape #3749 AKA the Captain, and Moca #5346!

Following this weekend’s races, Siu told the Gazette that MotoGP was the perfect sport to promote Web3 at because it’s quickly becoming one of the most viewed sports in the world.

In the last year, MotoGP has seen its popularity rise with viewership increasing by 27% year over year, according to

“Mass adoption comes from broad awareness and that is how above the line marketing is helpful,” Siu explained. “The majority of viewers in MotoGP are new to web3 and NFTs and as the second most popular racing sport after F1 with a viewership of over 400m fans it's going to get mass attention.”

Solly, who used to race himself, echoed Siu’s thoughts on mass attention and said that it was surreal to see Web3 on display at the sport that he loves.

“Feels surreal to be honest, what a sight! It’s a small step towards driving (no pun intended) awareness and visibility towards web3 and NFTs," Solly said. “For me, even having raced professionally, I’m still just a huge fan of motorsports, so it’s a very special moment to see our beloved communities represented on the big stage. It’s incredible that I get to call this my job, having been with Animoca for 3 years now and days like this make it all worth it tenfold.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Animcoa Brand’ as they speed Web3 towards the mainstream. Stay tuned for updates!

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