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APE FEST: Check Out What Happened On The Second& Third Days Of Ape Fest 2021

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

On the second and third days of Ape Fest, the Bored Ape Yacht Club opened a pop up merch shop in New York City.

The BAYC rented out a shopping spot located at, insert address, for two days and transformed it into a real life BAYC.

The line to get into the club was long, the Gazette waited roughly 7 hours for a wristband to the warehouse party and merch, but the line was well worth the wait!

Upon entering the pop up merch shop Apes immediately felt like they have entered the real life bored ape yacht club.

The walls were covered in nautical themed memorabilia, there were a couple of arcade games, racks of merch for apes to check out, and a frame tv featuring Curtis the ape relaxing by the water.

At the pop up, the BAYC sold new shirts and hoodies to apes that featured new bayc logos and graphics such as “I <3 BAYC, and a trash skull. Along with the tops, the BAYC also sold dad hats, posters and stickers.

While the store was engaging and the merchandise was insane, the friendships that many apes made in line were the best part of the pop up shop.

"The line was also a vibe thanks to the awesome apes I was with," BAYC member, Tenacious.Eth tweeted after the event.

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