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$APE FEST: The ApeCoin DAO Is Looking To Fund 15 $Ape Themed Events That Coincide With ApeFest!

The ApeCoin DAO is putting the $Ape in ApeFest next month as it looks to fund 15 $Ape themed events that coincide with the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s annual get together!

As Yuga Labs prepares to host its third annual ApeFest in Hong Kong next month, ThankApe, a project sponsored by ApeCoin DAO, aims to fund 15 $Ape-themed events and activations alongside Yuga Labs' ApeFest to celebrate $Ape and raise awareness of the DAO!

“Building on the excitement of ApeFest 2023, Thank APE is stoked to announce the Thank APE Community Grants 2023 program, offering 21,000+ APE for Hong Kong and local events and activations,” ThankApe tweeted.

ApeCoin DAO Contributors from across the globe are welcomed to submit an event or activation proposal to ThankApe’s contest and possibly get their event sponsored by the DAO!

In total, ThankApe will be giving away five grants to Hong Kong based events worth 2,069 $Ape each and 10 grants to other ApeCoin DAO contributors around the world worth 1,069 $Ape each for a total of 21,035 $Ape or $23,138 USD going towards in real life $Ape meetups next month!

“Why we’re doing this," ThankApe tweeted. “1. Thank APE believes that IRL activities can strengthen the ApeCoin community by creating rich experiences and deeper connections. 2. The recent launch of Season 4 and this grants program furthers our efforts to fund builders in the ApeCoin community."

The window for ApeCoin DAO Contributors to submit an idea for an $Ape Fest event is October 19th. $Apes who would like to submit an idea can do so here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ThankApe’s $Ape Fest grant program and will let you know which events get funded and how you can attend. Stay tuned for updates!

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