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APE IN: Bored Builders In The $Ape Ecosystem Can Now Apply To Be Part Of ThankApe's Made By ApeCoin Program! Find Out More:

The ThankApe team is suiting up to take care of business, and the community, as they set out to distribute 600,000 $Ape to bored businesses as part of their new Made By ApeCoin Accelerator Program!

On Wednesday, ThankApe, an ApeCoin DAO funded initiative  that’s goal is to support the $Ape ecosystem and reward holders for their contributions around the swamp, announced that bored builders can now sign up to be a part of their sixth season’s Made By ApeCoin Accelerator Program!

“We are excited to announce the Made By ApeCoin Accelerator Program, an initiative that aims to solve a critical DAO need, as expressed by the community, by providing ecosystem businesses with financial support, greater exposure to and from the community, and assistance in establishing community exclusive benefits,” ThankApe wrote. “Accepted MBACs will unlock as much as 20k APE in direct funding through completion of this program, secondary funding through unique contributions on Thank APE, and access to future programs and funding opportunities.”


ApeCoin DAO Contributors who have a bored business can apply to be part of the MBAC program between now and May 31st here:

While only 30 businesses will be selected to take part in the MBAC program, every eligible builder who applies for the program will receive 250 $Ape upon approval, according to ThankApe.



After the application period, the ThankApe team will guide selected MBAC builders through a three-stage accelerator program. It begins with workshops, content creation, and presentations, culminating in assistance with $Ape implementation and a final community survey.



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the MBAC program and will let you know which 30 businesses are selected for the accelerator! Stay tuned for updates!

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