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APE PROFILE: Gentleman Bored Ape Hopes To Bring The Bored Gentleman Lifestyle To The BAYC

Gentleman Bored Ape is hoping to bring some class to the Bored Ape Yacht Club with his NFT collection.

“Bored of counting money,” Gentleman Bored Ape asks on his Opensea page. “We just enjoy life on a yacht. Always sailing, partying, and discovering new places. We play poker, drink fine whiskeys, and smoke cigars. Welcome to the club!”

Gentleman Bored Apes NFT collection is simply called, "GentlemEn." The collection consist of 10 different collectible location sets such as the hotel lobby and the cigar club.

When asked what makes the project unique, Gentleman Bored Ape said its minimalistic surreal feel."

Creating and designing items is not new to the Gentleman Bored Ape. In fact, he made his first item for a game in 2018 and has really gotten into NFTs this year.

Going forward Bored Gentleman Ape told the Bored Ape Gazette that he is collaborating with Self Actualizing American Ape AKA RamnGovea to bring utility to holders of the project.

“The new thing is that me and @RamonGovea are working out a collaboration to bring utility to the pieces, starting with the Metaverse,” he said.

While Gentleman Bored Ape was scarce with details about utility, he said he and RamnGovea are working on a lot and plan to share details soon.

In the mean time, check out some of the pieces from the here:

Be sure to follow Bored Gentleman Ape on Twitter @Boredgentleman and check out his full collection on Opensea here:

Disclosure: I received a free piece of this collection after Gentleman Bored Ape tweeted about it a month ago. Gentleman Bored Ape has also given me one additional piece. His initial free drop brought the project to my attention.

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