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APE PROFILE: Get To Know Bored Ape #443 AKA Jerome AKA Bored Chairman

Bored Ape #443, known as Jerome, has not had an easy life but despite that he has transformed himself into the “Bored Chairman”, one of most influential apes in the Bored Ape Yacht Club community.

With a Twitter following of over 67,000 users, Jerome has come a long way since his time growing up on the rough streets of the BAYC.

"He had to come up the hard way,” @Relam_of_Crypto said. “School of hard knocks taught this ape how to make things happen and let the boring universe guide him forward.”

Early in his life, Jerome developed what he called, The NFT Ape Pack, a company designed to help apes better their boring lives.

“NFT Ape Pack was a way for Jerome to help his fellow apes get out of the Jungle slums and move up to Jungle Villas, Realm_of_ Crypto explained. “His vision through blockchain technology and love of NFTs was to give all the Boring Apes a chance to make some Banana$ for themselves and provide a better life for their boring families.”

The success of this endeavor bettered the lives of many apes and turned Jerome into the Bored Chairman that many know and respect today.

“Even the old banana$ wealthy BAYC Apes appreciate the level of aid Jerome continually gives to the less fortunate,” Realm_of_ Crypto said. “ Jerome's mottos is 'Banana$ are for all Apes'”

After his overwhelming success in monkey business, Jerome’s next venture is into the World of show business. Jerome hopes to be featured in the upcoming Punks Comic issue #2. If he is selected, he just hopes the story will be a boring one!

“Regarding Jerome's role in the comic, its likely to be a boring one of adventure, fun, lady apes and banana$,” Realm_of_ Crypto. “The skins to banana$ story of Jerome raising up from the Jungle Slums to the Jungle Villas will be one of boring interest and intrigue.”

To follow Jerome and his boring life, be sure to follow him on Twitter @ Realm_of_ Crypto.

If you would like your ape's story told in the Gazette, be sure to DM us!

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