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ApeCoin Marketplace Snag Solutions Gave The Community An Update On When It Will Launch

ApeCoin Marketplace Snag Solutions took to Twitter today and gave the community an update on when its site will launch.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO approved of Snag Solutions’ Marketplace AIP on September 22nd, making the platform the official ApeCoin marketplace.

Since that time, Snag Solutions has it the ground running and gave the community an update on who it will recommend to audit its code, who its proposed multi-sig signers will be, and when Snag Solutions will be live.

In the eight-part Twitter thread, Snag Solutions prosed that, which is led by BAYC member Alex Mccurryo, to audit the marketplace’s code.

“1/ After chatting with 3-5 awesome auditors we're recommending, led by MAYC and ApeCoin community member @alexmccurryo,” Snag Solutions tweeted. “Our requirements were: 1/ availability in October 2/ ability to audit of our full code base vs. only smart contracts. We also chose them due to their ability to conduct user testing so we can ensure the best experience. The audit will consist of 3 rounds of issue identification + resolution with results published following. Please comment with feedback by EOD Monday, or like to support.”

As Snag Solutions recommended to audit its code, the ApeCoin marketplace also announced that it would have a bug bounty program before its launch.

As Snag Solutions made its recommendation on who will audit its code, the marketplace also proposed that the following BAYC members be multi- sig signers for the marketplace.

1. @ap3father

2. @veratheape

3. @tropoFarmer

4. @champtgram

5. @novocrypto

6. @GratefulApe_eth

7. @Zheerwagen (option to replace with @CopyCheatStealafter set up)

As Snag Solutions recommended these seven apes, the marketplace also asked the ApeCoin community for feedback on its choices.

“If you'd like to nominate yourself or another trusted community member please comment on this tweet,” Snag Solutions wrote. “We'll incorporate feedback and make a final recommendation before launch.”

Finally, Snag Solutions ended its Twitter thread with a brief timeline for its marketplace. Check out the current timeline below:

10/7 - ERC-20 dev complete

10/10 - audit starts

10/28 - audit v1 completed & published, bounty program launches (more to come)

11/05 - audit complete!

“The marketplace is set to launch in early November with the above in mind,” Snag Solutions tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Snag Solutions and will let you know more about the marketplace as more information is released.

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