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Apes Come Home Wasn't Voyagers Third Trip To Otherside But It Was Their First Experience On The Persistent Platform, According To Yuga Labs,' Eric Reid.

Updated: Mar 2

The three Apes Come Home events earlier this week weren’t the community’s third trip to Otherside; instead, they marked the first steps of Apes and Voyagers into the Otherside platform that Yuga Labs is building, according to Yuga Labs’ Otherside General Manager, Eric Reid.

After thousands of Apes and Voyagers explored Bored Ape Island on Thursday, Reid and the Otherside team ventured to Spaces for an Apes Come Home Recap discussion. There, he explained that these events were not the Yugaverse’s third trip to Otherside, but rather the community’s first experience in the persistent metaverse.

“A few people have called this a third trip, but I want to distinguish It was really not meant to be a trip,” Reid reiterated. “It was not meant to be a standalone experience that was narrated through and handheld, that was one off that couldn’t be repeated unless you started it from scratch. This was the first event that was on the real Otherside platform. In a way where everyone’s account is persistent and where we can turn it on and do things. So, this is the beginning of us being able to host things in a more regular way without each one being a giant event."

After Reid's comments, Yuga Labs CEO and Co-Founder, Garga, chimed in, stating that the goal is to get people in Otherside more often and that Apes Come Home brought Yuga Labs closer to a that compared to the previous trips.

“If we are doing these choreographed events its harder to get to a place where we can just turn it on frequently, and let people get in and enjoy themselves,” Garga said. “So that’s where the focus is.”

Looking ahead, Reid said that Voyagers can expect more events that are like Apes Come Home on a more regular basis that will eventually lead to the persistent metaverse.

“The goal here is to have the platform where we are able to get people in more regularly without everything being a big event, he said. "And throughout the year we are going to be moving more and more in the direction where the events may not be as big, but they are more regular until ultimately you are able to hop on anytime to do things that we drop in there for you or that people have created for you to experience. I think you are going to see a move towards that by the end of the year.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of Apes Come Home and Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!



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