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APES Explain: Find out What the Sandbox metaverse is and how to eventually use your free Ape Avatar

The Sandbox Bored Ape Yacht Club avatars have been a big topic of conversation around the club for weeks.

As a result of the BAYC community and hype surrounding Bored Apes, The Sandbox game announced that they would be giving away free 3D ape avatars to all BAYC club members.

Since the announcement, many apes have been looking forward to exploring the Sandbox metaverse as their Bored Ape and virtually meeting up with other apes.

While some apes are very knowledgeable about the metaverse and the Sandbox, others are new to the whole idea of the metaverse.

Because of this, The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to BAYC member Josh Ong to get a better understanding of the Sandbox.

Ong recently became a Sandbox Ambassador who’s primary focus is getting Bored Apes into the Sandbox metaverse.

Check out our interview with Ong about the Sandbox, how it works, what apes can do there and how apes can get their Sandbox Bored Ape Avatar.

What is the Sandbox?

“The Sandbox is a voxel-based NFT game world where you can own real estate and create games, experiences, and assets. Apes can participate in official land sales like the ones taking place this summer, or purchase land on the secondary market. They can also download the Game Maker and Vox Edit clients to build for the platform.

What is the game maker and vox edit clients and where can apes download that? do you have a link?

“Game Maker and VoxEdit are applications created by Sandbox to build and design for the platform.

How do apes get on it?

Sandbox is currently in pre-alpha (the playable alpha test should come this summer) so the ways to get involved are: build in Game Maker and VoxEdit, purchase land in a land sale or on OpenSea, shop for NFT assets, and join the discord to stay up to date on the project.”

What is there to do? Why should apes want to be on there?

“The full world isn’t available to explore yet, but some previews are being released. With the Game Maker, apes’ imaginations are the limit for what we can do in The Sandbox. I’m excited to see what the official Bored Ape Yacht Club property becomes. Bored apes will eventually get their ape avatars in the game, and the Yacht Club will require owning an ape to enter. Beyond that, dozens of apes have purchased land in the area, so I’m looking forward to seeing what our community comes up with. Crypt0jack is building a community center that apes can contribute to without owning land, Krhft is designing a giant yacht for apes to hang out on, and the Real Estapes collective is building a rec center for everyone.”

Can you get on sandbox from cell phone?

“Not yet.”

Security is a hot topic for many apes. What safety precautions should apes take when using sandbox?

“You connect with The Sandbox through your browser wallet, so it’s vital to keep strong security measures for your Metamask or other extension as always.”

will apes need to be signed up to sandbox to get the ape avatars or will they be airdropped into apes eth wallet/ Opensea?

“My understanding is apes in your wallet will eventually be available as avatars when you log into the game. No need to do anything yet.”

Is there anything else you’d like apes new to the metaverse to know?

“We’ve been jokingly calling the bored ape area The Boredlands and The Jungle because there are so many of us. It’s going to be an incredible community experience to hang out there together.”

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