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BAYC Members Begin To Receive Their Exclusive Club Merchandise. Community Response And My Take:

After almost two months of waiting, Bored Ape Yacht club members have begun to receive their shirt and hoodie orders from the club’s second exclusive merchandise drop.

Photos of apes wearing their BAYC official merchandise have been circulating throughout the NFT community as apes flex their in real life merchandise. “Love a good mail day @BoredApeYC,” BAYC member Captvart.Eth tweeted along with a photo of his hoodie.

BAYC members and non-members alike, were quick to comment on just how nice these items look. “that shit looks fire as f,” Twitter user When Lambo tweeted.

Like the BAYC’s first official merchandise drop, this one featured items that would be sold exclusively to apes.

But, unlike the club's first drop, the items were made available to any bored ape that wanted one for a limited time. This meant that every ape had the chance to purchase their exclusive club merch.

I personally received my t shirt and hoodie from this merchandise drop and was blown away by the quality and attention to detail on the items.

I feel the t shirt is lighter weight than the first drops shirt, making it perfect for me as a Floridian. Also, I appreciated that the BAYC not only added a printed tag into the collar of the shirt, but also a small fabric tag at the bottom of the garment.

Currently, BAYC second clothing line drop t shirts have sold for 169.99 USD on eBay. At the time of this articles publication, no BAYC hoodies from this drop have sold yet. However, there is one being auctioned off with a current bid of $450 USD.

In total, the BAYC has done two member exclusive clothing sales and one collaboration sale with The Hundreds.

As apes wearing their shirts and hoodies sprang up on social media, BAYC member Ape Father, commented on the club as a brand and fashion line going forward. “Hot take: BAYC doesn’t need to do anything outside merch ever again, he tweeted. “The apes are an immortalized pfp & the clothing brand is fire. Everything else is just a bonus imo.”

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