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BAYC Teased The MAYC Today. What We Know So Far:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club excited the bored apes today with a brief tweet teasing an upcoming announcement.

“soon,” The BAYC tweeted Saturday afternoon. Accompanied with an image of a possible new logo that read, “ “MAYC”, with the BAYC’s logo in between the “A” and “Y.”

The tweet quickly sparked bored apes interest as many wondered what the BAYC has planned for the community.

“Define soon,” BAYC member TheDegentleman tweeted. “Please. The anticipation is killing me”

While the BAYC gave no further details on what’s to come, todays tweet is likely to stand for Mutant Ape Yacht Club, based on pat announcements and information from the club.

“THE MUTANT APE “BREEDING” is being worked on almost full-time by some of our team, BAYC Founder Gargamel posted in the group Discord on May 25th. “We’re still about 1/3rd done though we’re picking up speed now with the BAKC collection out. We’re putting everything we have into this.”

The idea of mutant apes has been a part of the BAYC since the beginning. In fact, it’s one of the final points on the original roadmap.

“The Mutant Ape (NFT Breeding) Arcade Machine gets fixed,” the BAYC roadmap states. “And we cook up new ways to ape with our friends.”

While we do not know what is to come, the BAYC has previously stated that only one ape will be necessary to participate.

“Our mutant apes will not work exactly like traditional breeding,” Gargamel wrote in the BAYC discord server on May 30th. “You will only need 1 ape to breed. We’re not releasing any more info on it right now. But rest assured we’re working on it around the clock.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the BAYC and let you know when more details regarding the MAYC become available.

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