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BAYC Whale Purchased Four Rare Apes Worth 130.69 Eth, Find Out Their Thoughts On The Future

This Bored Ape Yacht Club whale has purchased four rare apes in the past two days including a gold fur ape for 69.69 Eth.

Opensea user and BAYC member, icanfly3, has spent 130.69 Eth on four apes over the last two days, according to his Opensea account.

“I think in NFT world, there are very few projects that can survive and develop in the long term,” Icanfly3 told the gazette. “The long-term development mainly depends on the quality of the product and the active community. I have seen this in the apes.”

Icanfly3 went on to explain that they believe that apes are currently undervalued when compared to CryptoPunks.

“I think there is great potential for the development of Ape in the future, and the price and community compare punk is undervalue," Icanfly3 said. “so I will buy and hold it for a long time.”

Take a closer look at Icanfly3’s newly purchased Bored Apes here:

Bored Ape: #4400

Traits: 6

Fur: Gold

Purchased Price: 69.69 Eth

Rarity Rank: 144

Bored Ape: #565

Traits: 6

Fur: Black

Purchased Price: 23 Eth

Rarity Rank: 579

Bored Ape: #4746

Traits: 6

Fur: tan

Purchased Price: 18 Eth

Rarity Rank: 241

Bored Ape: #2550

Traits: 6

Fur: cream

Purchased Price: 20 Eth

Rarity Rank: 148

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