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Bored Ape Whale Makes a Splash In The Market

The Bored Ape yacht Club just had one of its largest sales yet as Bored Ape #3287 sold for 18.95 Eth, according to Opensea.

18.95 Eth is worth approximately $48,549 at the time of this articles publication.

Bored Ape #3287 is a four trait ape featuring death bot fur, robot eyes and a gold grill grin. Bored Ape #3287 is the 32ndmost rare ape, according to Rarity tools.

The Buyer of Bored Ape #3287 was Opensea user “Machibigbother”

This is not Machibigbother’s first ape, in fact they hold over 70 Bored Apes, according to Opensea.

Image from Rarity Tools

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