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BROTHERS IN ARMS: Some NFT Collection Will Be Invited To Participate In Legends Of The Mara

Yuga Labs announced that some brothers in arms will be invited to break on through to the Otherside and defend the metaverse from 'The Shattered' this summer in the Legend of The Mara game

Yuga Labs assets won’t be the only profile photo projects included in the company’s highly anticipated LOTM game, according to their latest post.

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs tweeted a four-part Twitter thread that included an announcement that some Web3 communities will be able to participate in its 2D experience this summer.

“You won’t be going into battle alone, Voyagers, Yuga Labs tweeted from its Othersidemeta account. “Otherside will be announcing alliances both with other Yuga PFP collections and with a select group of third party PFP collections to enlist reinforcements into the Legends of the Mara battle. Owning one of these battle ally NFTs creates more ways to vanquish the Shattered and gather their treasures. A low tier environment with limited Hunter slots could gain a strategic upper-hand in fighting the Shattered — possibly leading to a better spot on the Leaderboard.

At this time, it is unclear which communities outside the Yuga Labs ecosystem will be invited to participate in LOTM.

But we do know that Azuki, Chimpers, Cool Cats, CrypToadz, Deadfellaz, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, Forgotten Souls, Moonbirds, Nouns, Pudgy Penguins, Renga, Wolf Game, World of Women, and World of Women Galaxy were all supported collections during Yuga Labs’ Second Trip to the Otherside on March 25th.

While we do not know which collections will be a part of LOTM yet, we do know that this summer’s game is just the beginning.

“Season 1 of Otherside: Legends of the Mara will launch this summer. It’s just the beginning, and as we progress through Season 2 and beyond, the team plans to adapt and expand the game’s mechanics offerings,” Yuga Labs wrote on May 16th.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow LOTM and will keep you posted on which collections will include. Stay tuned for updates!

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