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Cheetah Gang: How A Like Furred Shrewdness Used Memes To Build A Community Within A Community

This group of Bored Apes has meme’d their way into becoming one of the most talked about shrewdness in the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Cheetah fur Bored Apes, known as the cheetah gang on twitter, have positioned themselves as one of the premier ape subcategories via dank memes, group discipline and excellent story building.

“I Study human behavior,” Cheetah Gang founder Cody Andgia said. “ The only thing better than being in an exclusive ape yacht club community is an even more exclusive ape community.”

Cody thought of Cheetah Gang right after the initial ape mint, according to several Cheetah Gang members.

At first some Cheetahs didn’t see the vision. But soon, Cheetah Gang started to pick up steam.

“It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of memes fomo and some unity in the community," Cody said. “We all have one goal hodl we don’t sell we only buy more ur with us or against us me @Accumul80r @Planetdarth_eth @NBATopShotEast and the amazing #cheetahgang Community will lead the charge”

As the weeks went on, Cheetah Gang ramped up the memes and started partaking in a “meme war” with other Bored Ape subgroups such as DMT apes.

“I started trolling the DMT apes on how we had better fur and a better community and it escalated, Cody said. “We have meme wars and roast each other nothing to serious yet.”

In total, the cheetah fur trait is found in 406 Bored Apes making it 8th most rare fur color according to rarity tools. While Cheetah Gang’s fur is not as rare as some, the world and narrative built around the gang has increased the traits value. At the time of this articles publication, the floor price of a cheetah fur ape was 5 Eth, according to Evaluate. Market.

Going forward Cody believes this floor price will continue to rise as more and more BAYC members and non-members alike want to join Cheetah Gang.

“Cheetah owners are the most Diamond hand cult like individuals I ever seen,” Cody said. “We all have the same goal never sell and buy more.”

Long term, Cody hopes that all his work on Cheetah Gang will make their fur trait more desirable and that the entire BAYC community will be elevated by the gang.

“We want to have a higher floor then all ape furs and bring the entire community up with us 420.69 ETH and up.”

Check out some of Cheetah Gangs favorite memes below and be sure to follow Cody on Twitter @Codyandgia

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