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Christies Has Officially Announced That It Will Auction Off Bored Apes Next Month

After an eventful week at the Bored Ape Yacht Club Christies Auction House has officially announced that bored apes will be up for auction.

“Christie’s presents No Time Like Present, featuring the very first NFT sale in Asia offered by an international auction house,”the auction house posted in a statement on its website. “Key highlights of the sale will include a group of exceptionally rare CryptoPunks created by Larva Labs, as well as Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Larva Labs’ latest creation Meebits. This auction also marks the first time BAYC and Meebits will be offered outside of any NFT-trading platform. This sale is poised to set another milestone in the history of Crypto Art.”

The auction is set to be held on September 17 at 02:00 PM (HKT) which is 2 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Chrsities listed one Bored Ape on its website’s press release in the specialist’s selection next to a CryptoPunk and a Meebit. The Bored Ape in this section is Bored Ape #8746.

Bored Ape #8746 is a six trait cheetah fur ape in a black suit with an angel halo and laser eyes. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #8746 is the 143rd rarest ape, according to Rarity Tools.

Chrsites press release says that more offerings from this auction will be announced shortly.

As we wait for Chrsities official announcement on what other bored apes will be included in the auction, The Bored Ape Gazette checked out the wallet that Bored Ape #8746 is currently in.

Based on the contents of the wallet, it is likely that Christies will be auctioning four bored apes. Each of the apes in the wallet have the black suit trait.

Check them out here:

The wallet also contained 10 CryptoPunks and four Meebits.

Chrsities official announcement comes days after Chrsities NFT Specialist, Noah Davis, joined the BAYC discord and told the community about the auction.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Davis’ discord messages and follow up tweet sent BAYC prices soaring to new all-time highs.

Since Davis’ post on August 3rd, there have been 721 bored apes sold, according to Evaluate. Market. The floor price of a bored ape has also risen to 14.5 Eth at the time of this articles publication.

Be sure to check out Christies full press release here:

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