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COMING UP: BAYC Member and Mutant Mudder Owner, KaraHoliday, Is Selling The Car's 1,000 POAPs For $33.33 USD Each!

You may not have won the Mutant Mudder during the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s mobile game competition last year, but you can purchase a limited edition POAP of the insane car this weekend!

After nearly two years of anticipation, BAYC member KaraHoliday received her insane Apes vs Mutant Prize —a 2002 Honda Accord decked out in MAYC regalia with a full grill and a lift kit—from the BAYC!

After she got the car, KaraHoliday revealed that this insane vehicle comes with a limited edition POAP generator on the front!


“Yuga Labs surgically implanted a chip into the Mutant Mudder that lets you claim an NFT,” KaraHoliday tweeted, “Tap the MAYC logo on the front grill, insert your $ETH address, Claim 1/1000 editions of the official Mutant Mudder Poap.”


Instead of inviting a 1,000 Apes to line up at her home and get a POAP, KaraHoliday announced that she will be selling the limited edition collectibles for 33.33 USD worth of ETH each beginning this Saturday, December 23rd, at 6 P.M. EST.


“How to buy,” KaraHoliday wrote. “ I will drop an ETH address on Dec 23rd 6PM ET. Send over $33.33 to that address and 1/1000 Mutant Mudder POAP Nfts will be sent back to your address. Limited to 1 per address. The sale will last 48 hours and close on Christmas day at 6PM ET.”



Take a look at the POAP below:

“Why would you want one,” KaraHoliday tweeted. “ITS A FKIN GRAIL, enough said. What other NFT is permanently attached to a smelly lifted widebody Hoonda with teeth. Be apart of this soon-to-be historical masterpiece.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, KaraHoliday won the Mutant Mudder in January 2022 when she won the MAYC side of the BAYC’s Apes Vs. Mutants Mobile Game Competition!



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow KaraHoliday’s Mutant Mudder POAP sale and will let you know what she does next with her insane ride! Stay tuned for updates!

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