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COMING UP: This Mobile Video Game Is Inviting The Community Back Into The Sewers Beneath The BAYC

Some Bored Apes found their way back into the sewers underneath the swamp, and they need your help getting back to the Bored Ape Yacht Club in Fuego Labs' upcoming Sewer Shooters video game.

While the DooKey Dash may be over, the team over at Fuego Labs, which describes itself as a bootstrapped startup and community project, is getting ready to suck the Web3 space down the drain and into the gutter in its new Sewer Shooters game later this summer!

“The idea is that a few apes found their way back into the sewers after Dookey Dash closed, but instead of finding cars, couches, and Christmas trees, they found rats, roaches, and walking poop,” Fuego Labs told the Gazette. “While the apes are running, these creatures just keep coming at them, and the only way to survive as long as possible is by shooting and killing the enemies as they appear. Each kill is worth points as well as each second alive.”

Take a look at some of Gameplay images below:

Fuego Labs went on to tell the Gazette that the game will be available in the iOS and Android App Stores in 'about a month' and that they're going to be awarding the top three Sewer Shooter players with some boring prizes later this year.

“The grand prize is a mutant ape, second prize is a Koda, and third prize is 1000 $Ape,” the said.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Fuego Labs and Sewer Shooters and will let you know when the game is available in the app store. Stay tuned for updates!

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