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Crypto Security: Another BAYC Members' Apes Were Stolen, find Out Ways To Stay Safe Using NFT Trader

A Bored Ape Yacht Club member posted that his apes were stolen after a scammer sent him a bad NFT Trader link.

“I been hacked,” BAYC member Todd Kramer tweeted. “All my apes gone. this just sold please help me.”

In total, the scammer stole eight Bored Apes, seven Mutant Apes, and a Clone x worth at least 558.4 Eth or $2,100,000, according to Kramer.

While there is some debate regarding where or how Kramer’s apes were stolen, it’s clear that scammers are having a lot of recent success using fake NFT Trader links to steal BAYC members’ apes and other valuable NFTs.

In order to combat this endemic, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to the Co-Founder of NFT Trader, John P, via his LinkedIn and asked him some questions regarding the recent scams. John also gave us some tips on how to stay safe when using NFT Trader.

“These scammers are getting smarter and more creative with their plans and it’s something we always try to stay on top of,” John told the Gazette. “It’s frustrating for us to see users get scammed and we feel bad every time.”

Check out our full interview with John below:

Q1: What should users look out for to make sure they’re using the real website?

A1: Our official site is Nothing else!

Q2: Should someone using NFT Trader ever send you a link?

A2: With our latest update NO MORE LINKS ARE NEEDED to go back and forth.

Q3: What are some basic things users should know about NFT Trader when using it for the first time?

A3: Initiator creates a trade when they are logged in. Then the counterparty will now automatically see that specific trade in their own My Trades page under pending. With this new update, what we suggest to new users is to ALWAYS double check on that the user is legit and that trx done on our platform will show up there.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover crypto security and help you keep your NFTs safe.

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