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DON'T PASS ON PASSIVE VOTES:The Gazette's Resident Gamer Explains Passive Votes In HV-MTL Forge!

As HV-MTL Holders and their Mechs continue their journey through the Forge, Yuga Labs recently added a new feautre that’s worth taking a closer look at!

During season four of the HV-MTL Forge, Yuga Labs added missions to the game and they’re worth doing!

Completing the Missions allows players to receive passive votes. There are currently five ways to receive passive votes. A couple will require players to enter the Rift, explore, and defeat enemies. Although passive voting is a relatively new mechanic, players are encouraged to achieve the requirements. An advantage for both beginners and advanced players, passive voting helps beginner players conserve Energy while advanced players will be required to complete the tasks to stay competitive in daily and seasonal rankings.

How to get passive voting?

Players can obtain up to 10 passive votes per day completing certain tasks within the Rift. Five votes can be obtained through building rift Tiles for per Biome. To obtain the Rift tiles, players must find the exit portal of each Biome, difficulty level does not matter. There are four Biomes that are available with a special Biome known as Shimmer. The Shimmer Biome can be randomly found in place of an exit portal for one of the normal Biomes.

The rift objects can be obtained by defeating each enemy type found in the Biomes. Once each enemy is defeated the Rift objects will be available for crafting. Each rift object that is built provides one passive vote. Players do not have to exit the portal for the Rift objects to be available once enemy type is defeated.

Other ways to get passive votes include building ‘Trippy Space Objects,’ Upgrade Trippy Tile to Level 20,’ and ‘Pet HV on a Galaxy Tile.’

Thoughts on passive voting

Passive voting is an extremely useful mechanic for beginners, casual, and advanced players. For beginner players that can enter the Rift and meet the requirements this can allow them to focus on building their Forge to increase their Energy cap. Casual players that can obtain a good majority of passive votes will not have to worry about trading votes. The amount of votes needed can vary depending on the rarity of amp players are seeking. For advanced players who are aiming for Epic or Legendary Amps, the passive votes could be a requirement to stay competitive if players have no other way of obtaining votes besides trading for vote for vote.

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