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FIRST FORGE: Here Are Three Tips For HV-MTL Holders Who Haven't Started Playing Yet

HV-MTL holders have been anything but bored over the past few days as they’ve built their HV’s Homes, pet their Mechs, and cleaned up oil shit in Yuga Labs’ HV-MTL Forge game.

As many HV-MTL holders have begun building, there are still many players across the Yugaverse that have not taken their first heavy step into the HV-MTL Forge.

In an effort to help hesitant holders ape into the game, the Bored Ape Gazette’s in house gamer, Mr. Mugen, has created a beginners guide to help HV-MTL holdouts forge ahead!

Check out Mr. Mugen’s three Forge tips below:

1. Plan, build small, and be efficient

Start Forge off by building minimal, laying too many Tiles at once will drain energy faster as players will be required to upgrade Tiles. Upgrading tiles over time costs more Energy and increases time duration the higher the level of the Tile.

As you look at the map, you’ll be able to see several portals in the distance. But connecting to Portals early on in the game is not the goal. It is best to focus on the closest Portal and gradually upgrade as that’ll increase Energy recovery and Energy cap. Another reason to build minimally is that it takes a significant duration of time and high energy cost to upgrade Portals. Early upgrades take two to ten mins, but higher upgrades can take hours.

Further, It is important to pay attention to the upgrade requirements for Portals. Each Portal upgrade requires different upgrade requirements. Beginning levels are simple, for example ‘laying down 10 tiles’ is one of the first requirements, but then it gets more difficult.

An example of a harder requirement would be: All Tiles must meet an ‘average level’ before upgrading can be completed.

2. Energy Hacks

Energy is the main power source to build and upgrade in the Forge. But you can waste a lot of time and Energy if you are mindlessly building. If this happens, petting HVs will reward you with A LOT more energy than having HVs hover over tiles. It is important to know when to stop petting your HV as Energy recovery decreases over time if HVs are getting too much love. Also note that HVs can still build efficiently if their Mood Meter is halfway.

Upgrading tiles increases energy recovery, but if there is a spill on the Tile, it decreases the amount of Energy gained by the HV.

Portals are important in the game as upgrading Portals increases energy recovery and energy cap. Energy does not replenish during Portal upgrades.

Here are a couple of hot keys that are useful while upgrading Portals.

Use the R hotkey to rotate the camera

Use the C hotkey to craft Blueprints and Tiles. This is also available for use when petting HV, and during oil spill cleanups.

3. Make friends and join guilds!

The more friends you make the easier it’ll be to get votes. There are two types of voting, one through tweets where there will be a link to the HVs and the other is daily votes. Daily votes are casted in game and count towards daily ranking and seasonal ranking. Through Twitter votes you can get a daily reward if you get 20 votes. You can trade votes with friends in Discord groups and guilds.

A good example is OtheSpace FM having a channel in their Discord dedicated for members to support each other and trade votes! Bonus Tip : Don’t forget to have fun!

Although there is web 3 technology behind Forge, it is still a game. It is meant to be a creative and fun experience, so enjoy it.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the HV-MTL Forge. Stay tuned for updates!

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