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FIT CHECK: This ApeCoin DAO Contributor Needs Your Help Designing ApeCoin Merch!

After the ApeCoin DAO voted to create a limited line of $Ape merchandise and give it away to active ApeCoin DAO Contributors at ApeFest, the proposal’s author is now asking the community for a fit check!

In September, the ApeCoin DAO approved AIP-299 titled “ApeCoin Merch For ApeFest” by ApeCoin DAO Contributor NormieNFT.

After the proposal was passed, the DAO allocated up to $8,300 USD to the creation of 100 $Ape merch bundle sets that will include an $Ape themed hat, shirt and hoodie!

As ApeFest quickly approaches, NormieNFT is working hard to get the items made in time and he needs the ApeCoin community’s help finalizing the designs.

“The hoodie and the hat will have embroidered logos, but the t-shirt will have a printed logo,” NormieNFT wrote. “The images are for representation purpose only and the final product may look slightly different (logo placement, sizing etc especially will be done by a professional).”

Take a look at some of NormieNFT’s mockups below:

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to provide feedback to NormieNFT and vote on how they'd like the merch to look can fill out his Google Doc questionnaire here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Normie’s ApeCoin Merch and will let you know how you can possibly get a free bundle at ApeFest 2023! Stay tuned for updates!

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