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FIXED: The ApeCoin DAO Updated Snapshots Delegation For Staked $Ape. The Full Story Here:

After an issue regarding delegated voting arose at the ApeCoin DAO, the Cartan Group released a new update that appears to have fixed the issue.

“GM $APE fam,” the ApeCoin DAO tweeted today. “Snapshot has been updated to include delegation for staked $APE. See here:… This will be applicable for the upcoming Weekly AIP Release and going forward.”

The ApeCoin DAO updated the delegated voting system after Bored Ape Yacht Club member Dyorjadore took to Twitter on Friday and expressed concern about it.

“Since the pre-deposit on Horizen for Staking, I don’t have any $APE remaining in my wallet to vote on Snapshot,” Dyorjadore tweeted. “As a member of the frenchapeyachtclub.eth delegation, our voting power went from almost 100k $APE to 17k $APE…”

Over the weekend, the Bored Ape Gazette and many others in the community asked around the swamp and worked to find out more about the issue.

Following the ApeCoin DAO’s update today, Dyorjadore told the Gazette that they’re happy that the DAO has fixed this issue but that they wished there was an easier way for the community to voice their concerns.

“I am satisfied that they are taking action to resolve the problem, but I find it regrettable that oversights of this kind can be possible,” Dyoradore said. “Staking has been planned for a while... and the share of delegates in the voters is more than important. I had raised this issue over a week ago... but there hadn't been much feedback. The problem is that we don't really know which door to knock on in the event of a problem. I spent many hours with some members of the French Ape Yacht Club doing tests, trading with Gnosis Safe, Snapshot, Horizen, Apecoin, ... I don't know if the bug bounty only framed security measures but maybe it will be wise the next time to think about corrections for users. Less vital but just as essential. The result of all this shows that the community is what is most important with members involved for the well-being of the whole ecosystem. I have the impression that we represent well with our French Ape Yacht Club, of which I have the honor of directing the management of the pole in relation to the ApeCoin DAO.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to monitor the updated delegation system and will let you know if the DAO does anymore updates to it.

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