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GAME ON: ApeCoin DAO Contributors Can Hunt For Treasure In 'Another World.' Find Out How:

Treasure awaits in 'Another World,' and ApeCoin DAO Contributors are invited to venture into this web-based web-3 game, explore the rugged terrain, and hunt for blue doubloons, also known as ApeCoins!

Bored Ape Yacht club member and ApeCoin DAO Contributor, Jackie.Eth, has the entire Yugaverse channeling their inner pirate as they search the metaverse for $Ape in this new ThankApe sponsored treasure hunt game.

“Our @ThankApe Futurist Treasure Hunt is ready,” Jackie.Eth tweeted along with a teaser tailer. “Find the ApeCoin items in the PVP zone and receive airdrops! Please help us alpha test! Visit Use "web-based preview", no wallet connect and no download required. Type-in your ENS (.eth) in the entry menu so that airdrops will land in ur wallet. Find ApeCoin in the PVP battle zone (be careful!). Our game prize contract will drip $APE to players who picked up the ApeCoin item (see video). Check the remaining APE(will be re-charged during Twitter Spaces this week @anotherworlddao)!”

As an added $Ape bonus, ApeCoin DAO Contributors with at least 42 $Ape in their wallets will be able to search for $Ape comfortably in an $Ape hoodie!

"Im just building what a metaverse can be for the apes," Jackie.Eth told the Gazette.

Check out Jackie.Eth’s treasure hunt here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jackie.Eth, Another World, and all the Other ThankApe sponsored project and initiatives! Stay tuned for updates!

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