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GOING BANANAS: The ApeCoin DAO Approved Of The 100 Million $Ape Banana Bill Last Night! Here's What You Need To Know:

The Apes are officially getting fed after the ApeCoin DAO approved the 100 million $Ape Banana Bill, which will incentivize developers to build on ApeChain and find ways to reward $Ape holders and the Yugaverse, making the ecosystem anything but boring!

After a busy two weeks around the swamp, which included a five-hour Twitter Space, conversations with Yuga Labs' Head of Partnerships and Chief Legal Officer, and non-stop talk on the timeline, the $Ape community voted in favor of the Banana Bill that will fund the ApeChain ecosystem.

“Apes Gotta' Eat. Thank you all,” the proposal’s Co-Author and Horizen Labs’ VP Ecosystem Growth  Blockchainzilla tweeted last night, “Apes overwhelmingly voted to fund the long-term sustainability and growth of ApeChain and the creation of the Banana Program! I am so proud to see 77.4% of votes in favor from 90.9% of voters. ApeChain is going to be the place to be. And this is a historic day for the ApeCoin DAO. A wise monkey once said Apes Together Strong. Now, let's cook.”

Following last night’s vote, the DAO will allocate 100 million $Ape to the ‘Banana Program.’ This program consists of a commercial agreement initiative and a user incentives initiative aimed at attracting builders to ApeChain and securing opportunities and perks for $Ape holders.

The Banana Program will be overseen by Blockchainzilla, TLogs, and Aepicurean, who have been working behind the scenes to make ApeChain a reality since the community selected the Horizen Labs, Offchain Labs, and Arbitrum team to create and launch the chain as part of Arbitrum’s Orbit Chains in February 2024.

Yuga Labs’ Chief Legal Officer Cameron Kates, Yuga Labs’ Head of Brand Partnerships Won Kim, former Special Council member Captain Trippy, Animoca Brands Chief Operating Officer Minh Do, ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member Waabam, and two unannounced industry professionals will also join Blockchainzilla, TLogs, and Aepicurean on an Advisory Committee. Together, they will leverage their networks to bring builders and opportunities to ApeChain.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported ApeChain is set to launch later this month and 40 developers have committed or are close to committing to building on ApeChain, according to Blockchainzilla.“We are going to have powerhouses in there day one,” he said.  “And we want everyone to have a good experience.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things ApeChain and will let you know who the Banana Program gets to ape into the Apechain ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates!

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