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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Yuga Labs Got The Meebits Project Two Big Gifts For Its Second Birthday.

The Meebits are dancing to the beat or their own voxels today as the project celebrates its second birthday with the second phase of its roadmap and a new look!

“It’s our 2nd birthday,” the Meebits project tweeted this afternoon. “Mood: HYPE. And a little DAZED. And kinda SPICY, tbh. MB1.2 is here, giving you a new way to bring your PFP to life. Get started at and check out the vid to see how it works.”

In MB1.2, Meebits holders, and Meebits enthusiasts, can select one of 13 moods for their voxel characters and turn these NFTs up a notch!

“Bring your Meebit to life in a new way,” Yuga Labs’ Meebits Lead, Danny Greene wrote in a blog post. “Unlike static profile pictures (PFPs), Living PFPs allow you to customize your PFP to tell richer stories and express yourself. A Living PFP reflects the selections that its holder makes, without changes to metadata. (This is distinct from a dynamic NFT, which evolves with changes in the metadata.) With MB1.2, we’re excited to introduce the first expression of Living PFPs — Moods.”

Take a look at some of the various moods below:

MB1.2 wasn’t the only gift that the Meebits project got for its second birthday, Yuga Labs also gave the collection an upgraded look!

“Today, the Meebits’ new render style is going full-body,” Greene wrote. “The updated token metadata makes these images the primary token thumbnails. Going forward, this is an example of what you will see for Meebits on all marketplaces On OpenSea, Rarible, and other marketplaces with HTML-enabled viewers, you’ll be able to switch between this 2D full-body render and the interactive 3D webGL viewer that displays your Meebits’ Mood. (We’re aware of a delay with the marketplace HTML-viewer, hang tight!) Previously, the Meebits token metadata only pointed to one static image, the original render. This render is still part of the metadata, but it’s just one way to display the underlying 3D voxel model, which is the core artwork associated with the Meebit NFT.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the Meebits second birthday and its MB1 roadmap! Stay tuned for updates!

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