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Here's Everything We Saw During Today's Otherside Load Test:

Yuga Labs held its first of two Otherside load tests today and the typically bored community was energized by an amazing experience.

The load test began at 12 p.m. EST after OthersideMeta shared the official link via social media. Instantly thousands of Bored Ape Yacht Club members and Otherdeed holders quickly connected their wallets to be a part of the historic launch.

After users connected their wallets, the first thing they saw was a “First Trip load Test” message on top of a photo of the BAYC’s Mascot Curtis along with several familiar faces from the NFT community.

This image of Curtis and his NFT friends was the same image that Yuga Labs used in its billboard ad in New York City during Ape Fest last month.

It is also the same image that apes first saw in the Otherside teaser trailer that Yuga Labs released on March 18th, 2022.

Shortly after entering the load test, Apes and Otherdeed holders were able to see their Yuga Labs NFTs inside their Otherside collection.

After checking out the site, holders were then able to break on through to the load test and take their first steps in the Otherside.

“The purpose of these load tests is to push the Otherside platform to its limits with the Improbable team,” OthersideMeta tweeted on July 4th. “This will help inform exactly where the breaking points might be before the First Trip on 7/16, in order to create the best experience possible for the tech demo.”

Inside the load test, holders were assigned a random 3D avatar and were asked to perform simple tasks with their character such as run, jump and speak to one another.

This test went on for roughly 30 minutes and gave Yuga Labs and their partner Improbable got a ton of valuable information from it. “Thanks everyone who came out to stress test this, BAYC Co-Founder Garga tweeted. “Had about 2.5k concurrent users running around in the neutral space. Tons of great info compiled to make sure First Trip goes smoothly and taking all your notes from Discord as well.”

The load test ended with a new still image of Curtis and five bored apes hanging around the BAYC clubhouse and waving goodbye to the load test participants.

Yuga Labs and Improbable will be holding their second Otherisde load test this Saturday, July 9th at 12 P.M. EST.

In order to participate in Saturday's load test and the First Trip, participants will need to be located in the US or Europe and have a laptop or desktop computer that has a wallet with at least one Otherdeed in it, according to OthersideMeta.

For those who are located outside the US and Europe, Yuga Labs is setting up a First Trip livestream and will make sure that users outside the US and Europe are eligible for any benefits associated with the first trip.

“A private livestream of the tech demo will be available for those in non-supported regions, to ensure all Voyagers can experience the First Trip,” they tweeted. “Attendees verified through the livestream will be eligible for any benefits tied to the First Trip. For future milestones of the Voyager’s Journey, M² is expanding regional streaming options and apps so Voyagers in other countries and platforms are supported equally.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will be participating in Saturday’s load test and will continue to keep you updated on all things Otherside!

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