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Here's What We Know About Otherdeeds And The Otherside So Far:

As Bored Apes and Otherdeed holders wait for an Otherside announcement, users are working to determine what’s rare and what’s not for themselves.

The BAYC and Yuga Labs has not released much information about the Otherdeeds since Saturday’s drop, but they did give users a guide to what makes an Otherdeed valuable or rare.

“Every Otherdeed is a dynamic NFT, built as a collection of all of its elements, from resources to Kodas, according to the Otherside website. “Rather than a static representation of a piece of land, your Otherdeed is designed to evolve along with what you choose to do in the game.”

While four and five dots are rarer than one, two and three dots, it is not immediately clear what benefit a five-star land will have over a one star Otherdeed. While we do not know their utility, we do know that the higher the land rarity tier, the more the land is developed. Check out the differences between the different acid land tiers.

The next section of the NFT is the resources. Each plot of land can have anywhere from zero to four resources on it. Each of these resources can have a resources rarity score anywhere from 1-3.

“Every piece of land in the Otherside nurtures up to four replenishing resources that you will be able to harvest and utilize,” the website states. “Anima, Ore, Shard, and Root. Some are rare, some less so. These are the raw materials you will use to shape this world.”

In total there are 74 resources in the Otherside, according to Opensea data. While we do not know much about how these will be used, we do know that the higher the rarity tiers can impact what the resource looks like on the Otherdeed.

Check out the differences between a 1, 2 and 3 tier rarities of psyschosilk (the white bottle item):

While it may be easy to overlook now, these rarity differences among resources could play a key role in the Otherside.

The Next section of the Otherdeed is artifacts.

“Scattered throughout the lands of Otherside are rare objects, some of which cannot be crafted by any other means,” according to the Otherside website. “If you find an artifact, know that it may hold secrets to this world as it expands.”

There are 74 different artifacts in the Otherside game ranging from common ones to nine different one-of-one relics. Currently we do not know what these relics will be used for or what role they will play on the Otherside.

The final section of the Otherdeed is whether or not the land contains a Koda.

“Meet the Kodas, the primal beings that have ushered us into the Otherside. We don’t know why they’ve brought us here, or what their affinity to this land is,” the website states. “If you are lucky enough to meet a Koda, tread cautiously.”

Kodas have gripped the imagination of apes at the BAYC since they were first revealed in a trailer video for the Otherside on March 18th.

In the trailer, Curtis ingests a potent concoction that causes the primate to trip out. Curtis begins to see volcanos, icebergs, and an interesting floating world. All of this as the song Break On Through (to the Other Side) by The Doors plays in the background.

Curtis is then taken away by the same creature that is on the bottle of the potent concoction that he consumed.

In total, there are 10,000 kodas in the Otherside and the Otherdeed community has put a premium on lands that contain one of these mystical creatures. The Current floor price for an Otherdeed with a Koda is 23.92 Eth, according to Opensea.

While we do not know what every resource, artifact and Koda means yet, we do know that the Otherside is closer than we thought.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, over the weekend Improbale, a web 3 gaming company that is working with Yuga Labs to create the Otherside metaverse, released a press release titled “Otherside Metaverse Game Is Coming; Normal Rules Do Not Apply.”

In the release, Improbale's CEO Herman Narula said that the company has already successfully tested 15,000 people interacting with each other.

““Otherside is going to blow people’s minds while upending decades-long ideas of what gaming is and what’s possible with open platforms,” Narula said. “In just our early development, we’ve successfully tested over 15,000 people interacting in the same virtual space at the same time using M2 technology. Partnering with Yuga we think we are helping lay the foundation for something that will open the door to new experiences across art, entertainment, gaming, and more in a big way.”

The M2 technology that Narula referenced in the press release is called “MSquared,” according to Improbable’s website.

“Improbable initiated a new entity M² (MSquared) – a network of interoperable metaverses to create interconnected virtual worlds and experiences for users to socialise, play games, attend concerts, create and build value over time,” the website sates. “Leveraging Improbable’s Morpheus technology, together with components of Web3, M² builds, operates and services new virtual worlds for other businesses in its open metaverse.”

While much is still unknown about what comes next regarding the Otherside, it is clear that Yuga Labs has said that they want to build it with the community and empower users.

“We have seen how walled-gardens and closed networks exploit the people that spend time on the services for the benefit of few. By enabling ownership in an open network, we think Otherside will attract creators and become a world that has something for everyone,” Nicole Muniz, CEO at Yuga Labs said in the Improbable press release from April 29th. “This adventure is too big for one ape, one club. This is a new MetaRPG, with new rules. And it's all of ours to play.”

In order to incentivtive users to build and create the Otherside, Yuga Labs has set aside 100,000 Otherdeeds to give to active users in the community.

“The second 100,000 Otherdeeds will be exclusively rewarded to Voyagers who hold Otherdeeds and contribute to the development of Otherside,” according to the club.

Apes and non-apes that are interested in building on the Otherside, can check out the official website and sign up!

“If you like building your own stuff, you can do that too,” the Otherside website states. “An SDK will allow creators to make things for the Otherside as well as sell them in the game’s marketplace — not just characters, but also outfits, tools, structures, and even games. Creation comes with perks. Get first dibs on the SDK.”

Check out the website here:

If you’re interested in reading Improbable’s full press release, you can check it out here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you full coverage of the Otherside. Stay tuned for more reports.

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