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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Got Their First Look At This Year's Ape Fest Posters

The Bored Ape Yacht Club gave its holders a sneak peek at this year's Ape Fest poster that pays homage to Hong Kong and the club's roots!

Posters have been a staple of Ape Fest and BAYC culture since the club’s first Ape Fest in 2021. During that time, the club handed out posters at its event at Brooklyn Steel and sold its 1st annual Ape Fest posters at a BAYC pop up shop in the Big Apple!

The next year, during Ape Fest 2022, the BAYC handed out a different poster each night of Ape Fest, featuring Curtis in various scenes and locations across New York city!

Now, today, as the BAYC community gets ready for the club's third annual Ape Fest, Yuga Labs' Creative Director, Jeff Nicholas, not only confirmed that there will be posters at Ape Fest 2023 but also gave Apes their first look at them!

"I’m a nerd for a press check,” Nicholas tweeted along with four images of the Ape Fest posters being printed.

The image on the posters that Nicholas shared is the same image of Curtis that Ape’s first saw on July 13th when the BAYC announced that Ape Fest 2023 would be taking place in Hong Kong.

At this time it is unclear if this poster will be the only poster available at Ape Fest 2023. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Ape Fest and will keep you posted on this year’s posters! Stay tuned for updates!

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