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'HOW TO METAVERSE': ImprobableIo Is Hosting A Builders Session From The Metaverse Tomorrow And Apes Can Attend As Their 3D Primates!

As Yuga Labs continues to work with ImprobableIo to make the Otherside a reality, the metaverse-making company is inviting the Web3 world to the Construct for a ‘#HowToMetaverse session’ tomorrow with ImprobableIo’s Co-Founder Rob Whitehead, and apes can attend as their 3D primates!


Things will be anything but boring in the expanded Yugaverse on Thursday as BAYC members and Web3 enjoyers ape into Improbable’s Construct metaverse for the company’s next ‘#HowToMetaverse session’ with Rob Whitehead and BAYC member Directive Creator.


“Join us for another #HowToMetaverse session with Prof @RJFWhite as we talk World Builder, #MML possibilities and ready-to-use metaverse tools with special guest Directive Creator @Escapation : This Thursday 6th of June  UK Time: 8pm USA Time: 12pm (PST),” Improbable tweeted from its MSquared account.




As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs CEO Garga told Apes and Voyagers that Yuga Labs was working with ImprobableIo again to create the Otherside, and that the company’s digital world would be built atop Improbable’s M Squared technology during a metaverse townhall on May 2nd, 2024.


“The previous leadership at Yuga was focused on building a lot of Otherside’s capabilities from the ground up,” Garga said at the time. “But building everything yourself takes a long time and we didn’t want to ship on a Web2 cadence, we wanted to ship like our butts were completely on fire. So when I took over the CEO spot 2 months ago I decided to make a big change. Going forward, we are contributing everything we built, all the shit that we worked hard to do, and we are putting it on M squared. Otherside is going to live on M squared. We are buddies with IO again. We are locking arms with Improbable, and we are migrating Otherside to M squared and they are returning the favor by building out some additional capabilities for us. Honestly, we are all super stoked about it.”


Apes who are interested in attending tomorrow’s ‘#HowToMetaverse session’ as their primates can either read the Gazette's previous how-to report here or watch Directive Creator’s 3-minute video guide that explains how to get your 3D Ape metaverse-ready below:



The Bored Ape Gazette will be at tomorrow’s meeting and will bring you live tweets throughout the event and a recap report. Stay tuned for updates!

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