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HOWL: The Mutant Cartel Released The 13th Mega Mutant Hound Upon The Yugaverse Today

Under a hail of bullets, Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Joker and the Mutant Cartel released the thirteenth Mega Mutant Hound upon the Yugaverse!



On Wednesday, the Mutant Cartel stormed the underworld and released Oni, an insane Mega Mutant hound from the pits of howl with spikes all over its body, massive teeth, and eyes that can pierce a primates soul!



“What an amazing reveal," Joker tweeted after releasing the hound. "Thank you  @mutant_cartel and  @MutantHounds it’s been such an amazing journey as part of the Cartel. To think it all started with my love of @BoredApeYC, BAYC and MAYC and then meeting legends like @ervango and @lior_eth. Don’t rock a #NewProfilePic for just anything.”



With Oni’s release, 13 of the Mutant Hounds 25 Mega Muts have been revealed. Check out the other 12 below:



As the Bored Ape Gazette prepviusly reported, the Mutant Hounds is an expanded Yugaverse project created by Lior.Eth following the story of the 10,000 insane pups. The project is also featured in Yuga Labs’ Legends of The Mara game.



The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know when the Mutant Cartel releases the next Mega Mutant Hound. Stay tuned for updates!

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