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HUNGRY HUNGRY MARA: Yuga Labs Announced 'Catalyst' Consumables That Turn Mara Into Kodamara!

Voyagers are feeling hungry after Yuga Labs shared a new Legends of The Mara teaser trailer for its ‘Catalyst’ and briefly explained how these consumable creatures will turn the community’s Maras into Kodamaras!


On Thursday, Yuga Labs took to Social media and shared a 90-second trailer for the LOTM season 2 ‘Catalyst.


“You’re going to want to eat one,” Yuga Labs Gaming wrote.



Following Yuga Labs’ new teaser, the company tweeted that 'catalyst' will be added as a bounty reward during LOTM Season 2 and can be earned by other unannounced ways. Maras that eat these catalysts will transform into Kodamara creatures.

“Creation Season Catalysts will be added as Leaderboard Bounty in Season 2 of Legends of the Mara,” Yuga Labs wrote. “There will be 6 types of Creation Season Catalysts added to the Leaderboard. The distribution of these Catalysts will vary across each Environment Tier’s Leaderboard.”




“We plan to give many ways for LOTM players to earn catalysts in Season 2, beyond just the leaderboard,” Yuga Labs’ Head of Product CFort.Eth tweeted. "Stay tuned."


Take a look at what Hunter, Farmer, and Enchanter Maras will look like after they ingest the different Catalysts.


“A Mara’s tier has no impact on the visual traits assigned to a Kodamara,” Yuga Labs continued. “(But) A Mara tier and role will have a direct impact on a Kodamara’s in-game stats and skills. Voyagers can use Sediment Fragments to enhance their Kodamara in the future.”


Season 2 of Legends of The Mara Started on December 5th.



As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, every Voyager with an orginal Otherdeed is invited to burn their Otherdeeds for Yuga Labs’ dynamic Otherdeed collection dubbed “Otherdeed Expanded.” 

By burning their original Otherdeeds, Voyagers will receive a new Otherdeed expanded NFT along with either a Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter Vessel. These Vessels become Mara and can eventually ingest one of the newly announced catalyst to become Kodamara!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow LOTM and the Catalyst and will let you know when Yuga Labs announces the other ways Voyagers can get a catalyst in their Maras bellies! Stay tuned for updates!

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