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KODAMARAS EVERYWHERE: Voyager's Filled The Timeline With Photos Of Their Grown Up Kodamaras!

A day after Yuga Labs announced that it has sold Legends Of The Mara and Its HV-MTL Collections To Faraway Gaming Studio, mystical Maras across the Yugaverse grew up and proud Voyager parents filled the timeline with photos of their powerful new creatures as they wait to find out what the future holds for them!

Pomp and Circumstance vibes were all over Twitter today  as Apes, Voyagers, and Web3 enthusiasts filled the timeline with photos their grown up Kodamaras after their formerly little Oda consumed a Catalysts and grew up into their final forms during the Kodamara Fusion!

“Kodamaras look sick,” Yuga Labs CEO Garga tweeted after fusion began. “Also ~$7 gas to mint atm but no need to bum rush the site, can mint whenever.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Voyagers have been working up an appetite fighting shattered and farming Otherdeeds alongside their Maras for months, preparing to turn them into Kodamaras. According to Yuga Labs, these Kodamaras will have the ability to Farm, Enchant, and Hunt on Otherside.

In total there are six different Catalyst creatures that Voyagers’ Maras can eat.

Each Mara type’s aesthetic will be impacted differently depending on what type of Catalyst Voyagers feed them. Take a look at how each Catalyst will affect each Mara below:


Along with deciding which type of Catalyst to feed their Maras during the Kodamara Fusion process, Voyagers will also have to decide whether or not to add a sediment fragment or two to their mystical creature, further impacting their Kodamara's appearance.

The window  to feed a Mara a Catalyst in the Kodamara Fusion is now open and Voyagers can upgrade their creature here:

Kodmara holders and Legends Of The Mara enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to following the opening of the Kodamara fusion window. The collection's new owner, Faraway Gaming Studios, has already announced a new points system, where holders can earn points by participating in the Yugaverse and Faraway ecosystems. The company's new Chief Product Officer, Spencer Tucker, told the Gazette that Faraway will have a bunch of updates on what's next soon!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Legends Of The Mara and will let you know what Faraway does next with these mystical creatures. Stay tuned for updates!

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