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LOOKING TOAD: After The Sewers Closed This BAYC Member Created A New Companion Add-On For Apes

After the sewers underneath the Bored Ape Yacht Club closed this week these meme lovers released their latest companion cube add-ons for Apes!

After the DooKey Dash Toad Mode ended on Wednesday, BAYC member AdioKing and the MemeParty team started creating a new Ape add on to commemorate the primates time in the gutter.

The new add on includes a companion trait cube, a championship belt, Pepe the frog, and the Bored Ape Kennel Club dog from the DooKey Dash!

So far, AdioKing and his team have designed 60 Apes and are working to have another 40 done by the end of the night!

BAYC members are loving AdioKing and MeMeParty’s awesome companion add ons! And have been sharing them all over Twitter.

“Gm to everyone , especially @adiokingeth and @memepartyio,” BAYC member Mad-Max.Eth tweeted.

Apes that are interested in having their PFP meme'd can reach out to AdioKing by replying with their Apes number to the tweet embedded below:

Apes can also find out more about AdioKing and his MeMeParty project here:

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