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  • Writer's pictureKyle

Made By Apes Brand Fuck It Productions Is Hosting Its 'Degens In Paris' Event Later this Month. Here's How You Can Get Lit In The City Of Lights:

Made By Apes entertainment company, Fuck it Friday Productions, will be lighting up the city of lights during NFT Paris later this month with another Bored Ape Yacht Club inspired metaverse experience, and you can get your tickets tomorrow at noon EST!

"Following its first Fuck It Friday event in August 2023, the primates behind Fuck It Friday Productions are running it back with another Fuck It Friday event on Friday, February 23rd during NFT Paris, dubbed 'Degens In Paris!

Fuck It Friday’s Degens in Paris event will be in collaboration with fellow Made By Apes brands, Bored Kitchen, the Grateful Show, Applied Primate and Mutant Cartel!

“Psyched for this! See you in Paris,” Applied Primate Founder, PTM recently tweeted.

Tickets for this highly a anticipated event are free and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis beginning tomorrow afternoon at 12 P.M. EST.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow tomorrow’s ticket claim and will keep you posted on all things Degen during NFT Paris later this month. Stay tuned for updates!

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