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MEEBIN LITTLE CHRISTMAS: Yuga Labs Is Gifting All Its Employees Meebits This Christmas!

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Yuga Labs is having itself a 'Meebin' little Christmas this year after the company announced that it would be gifting over one hundred of its employees a Meebits NFT this winter!

During the holidays, some companies give Christmas bonuses, others host parties with open bars, and Yuga Labs gives its workforce a voxel character that's perfect for the Metaverse and beyond!


“Yo @MeebitsNFTs , we're gonna need a bigger boat,” Yuga Labs’ VP of People Hannah AKA Hbspellmeyer tweeted yesterday. “We wanted to make sure everyone at  @yugalabs can experience the magic of our communities. So, 100+ Meebits are on en route from Earthbit to their new homes. Huge( heart hands emoji) to the best team in web3.”

Following Hannah’s post, the Yugaverse took to social media to welcome the Yuga Labs team to the voxel community and applaud Yuga Labs’ gift-giving skills.


“Amazing,” BAYC member Seannana tweeted. “Now you can have a Holiday dance party in Meetropolis!


At the time of this article’s publication, Yuga Labs has not started sending its employees their Christmas gifts.


While it is unclear when Yuga Labs will begin placing Meebits under its employees' Christmas trees, we do know that the company has 1,704 Meebs in its official Yuga Labs wallet. So everyone will likely be able to get a voxel they vibe with!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ Meeb Christmas and will let you know which Meebits Yuga Labs gifts to its employees. Stay tuned for updates!


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