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MEET THE CANDIDATE: Uzi Is Running For Special Council!

ApeCoin DAO contributor Uzi is looking to bring past experience as a managing director for a billion-Pound business to the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council and help lead the organization on a path towards becoming a more dynamic and responsive DAO that's known for getting things done!


The winter election season of 2023 is underway at the ApeCoin DAO, with 27 contributors officially running to replace BoredApeG, Gerry, and VeraTheApe on the DAO's Special Council in 2024.


Among the candidates vying for a position on the ApeCoin DAO's Special Council is Uzi.


“My candidacy for the Ape Foundation Special Council is anchored in a diverse professional background that spans strategic leadership, legal and commercial acumen, and a pioneering role in the adoption of blockchain technology,” Uzi wrote on his candidate page. “As a Managing Director, I have led in a billion-pound construction business, overseeing and implementing AI-driven solutions for national infrastructure. This experience has instilled in me a keen sense for operational excellence and strategic planning, vital for the stewardship of ApeCoin’s intricate ecosystem. My transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 as a consultant has been marked by guiding traditional companies through digital transformation, a skill essential for fostering ApeCoin’s evolution in an ever-changing technological landscape. Additionally, my role as a co-owner and Non-Executive Director of an art gallery that embraced NFTs and tokenisation demonstrates my practical experience with the direct applications of blockchain technology in business and the arts.With a strong foundation in legal and commercial governance, I am well-versed in the complexities of regulatory compliance and risk management—skills that are critical for navigating the Foundations & DAO’s legal landscape and safeguarding its assets. Together, these experiences have cultivated a results-driven mindset, with a focus on clear, output-based solutions. I bring this approach to the Ape Foundation, committed to providing stewardship, expediting the execution of AIPs, and ensuring the value and utility of ApeCoin are realised fully. My leadership is defined not just by the positions I’ve held, but by the tangible results achieved—results I plan to replicate within the Ape Foundation.”


To find out more about Uzi’s Special Council candidacy, his past experiences managing a major corporation, and where he’d like to see $Ape a year from now, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to him for an interview. Check it out below:


1. In a sentence or two what is your candidacy all about?


“My candidacy is centered on creating a ‘quicker, better, faster’ ApeCoin DAO. I’m committed to building strong governance foundations, ensuring the right proposals are approved and effectively implemented, all to elevate the value of ApeCoin.”


 2. When and why did you decide to ape into the Special Council race?


“I was compelled to run for the Special Council when I recognized how my extensive experience in leading large-scale businesses, coupled with my enthusiasm for the Web 3.0 evolution, could be pivotal in advancing the DAO’s strategic growth.”


 3. What makes you the right $Ape for Special Council? How has your past prepared you for this role?


“With my background as a Managing Director of a billion-pound business, a Non-executive Director, and a Tokenised Art Gallery owner, along with my expertise in guiding companies into the Web 3.0 era, I bring essential strategic leadership, governance skills, and blockchain savvy to the Council. I am also a Chartered Surveyor and Project Management Professional.”


4. What would you like to accomplish during your term?


“During my term, my goal is to streamline the proposal-to-implementation process for greater efficiency and speed. I aim to foster a more dynamic, community-responsive DAO and envision ApeCoin reaching a minimum value of $10 each.”


 5. Where would you like to see the DAO a year from now?


“In a year, I see the ApeCoin DAO as a benchmark in decentralized governance, known for swift project implementation, robust community engagement, and widespread recognition in the digital asset domain. I anticipate $APE being integral to all new Yuga projects and APECHAIN in place.”


 6. What are your thoughts and views on an ApeChain?


“Apechain, as a Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain, could be revolutionary for our ecosystem, offering enhanced utility and innovation that would further cement ApeCoin’s market position.”

 7. What’s your favorite book, movie, and show?


“Favorite Book, Movie, Show: I’m inspired by ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Steven Covey, captivated by the film ‘Blood Diamond’ with Leonardo DiCaprio, and enjoy the gripping narrative of ‘Peaky Blinders’.”


 8. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?


“Outside of professional life, I’m a family man with three kids and a wonderful wife. Originally a South African, I am also British;and I share an unidentical twin brother. My first NFT was Bored Ape 2867, purchased at 0.2e, a prized possession I’ve cherished ever since.”


ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about Uzi’s campaign can reach out to him via Twitter @UzairOsman2

The window to vote in the first round of the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council election is currently open and $Ape holders will have until December 13th to cast their coins in support their preferred nominees.


After the first round of voting, the top five nominees with the most votes will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become ApeCoin DAO Special Council candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from December 14th through December 20th. During this second vote, the community will officially elect its three new Special Council Members!


Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to every candidate running for $Ape office this winter and is working to bring you reports on all of their candidacies. Stay tuned for updates!

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