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MEGA MONDAY: This Yuga Labs Whale Purchased A Mega Koda For $180K USD! Here's What We Know:

This Yuga maxi, who owns a several Apes and Kodas, is now a metaverse mogul after they aped into an Otherdeed that home to a Mega Koda earlier today!

Its a mega Monday on the Otherside after Wallet 0x3FD5F5701926462dc7880Cf72CaEbf3b88fb07BE purchased Otherdeed #71490 from Doodle, Nathan Santo, for 80.402 Eth or $180,069 USD.

Otherdeed #71490 is a tier four Spires environment Otherdeed on Rainbow Atmos sediment with Lunarian and Moldium resources.

While Otherdeed #71490 has great resources and an aestetic environment, the real selling point to this Otherdeed is that it's home to Koda #9974.

Kodas #9974 is a Mega Koda with a Mountain Tested Core, a Shama Horns Head, and Bone Sneak Eyes. Koda #9974 is also wearing a Cape Of Beast Instincts outfit and is armed with a Truth Teller Weapon.

While we do not know who the mystery buyer of Otherdeed #71490 is, we do know that they’re not new to the swamp and that they are a bullish on Yuga Labs.

Before wallet 0x3FD5F’s purchased Otherdeed #71490 today, the wallet received 75.1 Eth from Wallet 0x937ef8A525ddBf90dff0B548843975fFabB9fa66.

Wallet 0x937ef8 has previously interacted with Wallet 0xF4e423Ce220e4d9FeDcFebCD755ff9d37dc244B2 over the last year which holds nine Bored Apes, 14 Mutant Apes, 65 Otherdeeds, 10 Bored Ape Kennel Club Dogs, nine Kodas, among other Yuga Labs assets.

Check out some of their NFTs below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this Yuga maxi and will let you know what they do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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