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'MORE TO COME': Magic Eden X Yuga Labs' Ethereum Marketplace Is Coming Soon. Here's What We Know:

Updated: Jan 9

After Magic Eden and Yuga Labs did not meet their goal of launching their highly anticipated Ethereum-based and royalty-enforced marketplace before the end of 2023, Magic Eden took to Twitter today and apologized for the delay while promising that their new trading platform is coming soon.

Two months after Magic Eden announced that it was working with Yuga Labs to create a new marketplace, the company apologized for the delay and promised that its platform is on the way!


“We know many of you are excited for our upcoming Ethereum marketplace launch with@yugalabs,” Magic Eden tweeted. “We had originally given the timeline of end of 2023 which in our enthusiasm may have been a tad aggressive. We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to supporting creators and building a better future. Stay tuned for more to come. Soon...”

Following Magic Eden’s post, Bored Ape Yacht Club member FoxSlightly replied to the marketplace, thanking them for the update and encouraging them to have better comms going forward.


“This is probably news that a lot of apes were waiting for during year end, FoxSlightly wrote. “Totally understand the delay but next time maybe get the comms out sooner as opposed to later.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga first announced that Yuga Labs was collaborating with Magic Eden on an Ethereum marketplace at ApeFest 2023, following Opensea’s decision to make all Creator Royalties optional by February 29th, 2024.


"It sucks that a lot of marketplaces have turned their backs on the creators that helped build the platforms over the past two years,” Garga said to the club. “And one of the most frustrating parts of that is the flipflopping. There’s a whole sea of marketplaces that want to support creators and then not the next. So it goes us thinking what would it be like if we could get one of these marketplaces to legally, contractually, and bindingly support creators in perpetuity. And that’s why I’m pretty stoked to have our sponsor magic Eden here.



BAYC members and Ethereum traders can stay up to date on Magic Eden and Yuga Labs’ upcoming marketplace are invited to sign up for updates on Magic Eden’s website here:\

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Magic Eden X Yuga Labs marketplace and will let you know when it opens for business. Stay tuned for updates!

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