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NO DOOKEY DEAL: Mongraal Declined The United Planetary DAO's $1.1 MUSD Offer For The Golden Key

Professional Video Player and DooKey Dash champion, Mongraal, officially declined the United Planetary DAO’s bid for his Golden Key on Sunday after the two sides couldn’t make a dookey deal!

On Sunday, the UPDAO’s 690 Eth or $1.1 million USD offer for the coveted golden key that used to be lodged inside Jimmy the Monkey’s butthole expired after the DAO and the pro-gamer were unable to agree on a price.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the UPDAO community passed a proposal last week and offered Mongraal 690 Eth or $1.1 million USD for his 1/1 Yuga Labs asset. Two days after UPDAO officially made an offer on the key, Mongraal took to Twitter and told the UPDAO that it would need to “double” its offer to 1380 Eth or $2.2 Million USD for him to accept.

After the bid expired, it doess not appear that the UPDAO community is interested in making Mongraal another offer for the golden key.

“The @UPDAO_offered what it felt was a fair price with regard to a 1/1 mystery box tied to a vibrant ecosystem,” Pixel Vault Director of Communications Economist tweeted in response to a tweet about the deal. “Doubling an offer just to “win” makes zero sense when no new info was presented. Wishing @Mongraal the best in his journey to sell this NFT.”

At this time, Mongraal has the golden key listed on Opensea for 2,222 Eth or $3,627,000 USD.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Golden Key and will let you know if, and when, Mongraal strikes a dookey deal for it! Stay tuned for updates!

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